Saturday, January 04, 2014

Treacherous Beauty

It is a truly lovely morning, but, man is it ever cold! I went out to try to take the balloons off some colored water globes Becky and I made yesterday and I simply couldn't do it. Couldn't cut the balloons with gloves on and couldn't stand the cold without. Maybe later. Birds are still crazy tame. And crazy about peanut butter. Been scraping all the old jars that seem to accumulate because no one digs out the last few bits. Even the juncos are crazy about the stuff. 

Stay warm...and keep your gloves on.


Rev. Paul said...

So how cold is it?

lisa said...

It sure is cold, this morning here was -10 degrees, without the wind chill factor. Stay warm up on your mountain.

Terry and Linda said...

Your mountain views are stunning!


Cathy said...

What beautiful pictures, Marianne.
But that junco!
What a shot!

threecollie said...

Rev Paul, ranging from 20 above to fifteen below or so over the past week or two.

Lisa, I hate it!

Linda, thanks

Cathy, thanks, they are so tame now. they are hungry and they seem to know that I feed them. even the white-throated sparrows stay very close.