Friday, February 28, 2014

Links and Life at the Bottom of the River

First of all my dear sis-in-law shared some pics of where my brother and our son are working and have been the whole month of February. Nothing like life inside a cold coffer dam right in the teeth of the river wind. It's pretty nasty up here on the hill, but better them than me down in that ice sluice. 

Then this week's Farm Side research, or at least some of it. Some weeks I feel like a kid with a paper due, instead of an old fogey with a piece due for the paper. 

Dairy Farming Facts and Figures

2012 Census of Agriculture

3% of Dairies Produce 51% of Milk

Young Farmers Growing Fast in NY

Cuomo Announces NY Back in Third Place in Dairy

OSHA Withdraws Memo on Small Farm Inspections


Cathy said...

As I age and grow wise . . .
I take the time to look at the structure that undergirds all of our civilization.
Men like your brother and son make our safe, comfortable, predictable lives possible.
They work and create - in every weather extreme and uncomfortable and dangerous environment while we go blithely through our day.

lisa said...

I just wish that our government would do some more infrastructure work that really needs to be done to our roads and bridges!

threecollie said...

Cathy, I love the old photos of men building sky scrapers and bridges and dams...and I hate when the weather folks tell everybody they need to wear gloves and coats on days like this.

Lisa, you betcha, gotta fix up the river that nobody uses, never mind the roads we all drive upon.