Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sometimes I Love Being a Mom

Well, actually pretty much all the time. We have great kids and they all make me feel lucky a lot.

Today, my fair Daisy and I woke up to a panicked text, "My wallet is gone."

Came down to lights on all over the house, Daisy loose and running all over the house, and general pandemonium. The boy had gone to work, sans wallet, but he had left chaos in his wake.

Walked the good Miss D, as I do every morning, but with my "mom eyes" open. She had her sharp little dachsie nose in high gear too. 

We found the missing item within minutes.....lying in the driveway in the odd place where he parked for a while last night. Yay, mom! Yay, Daisy. 

Please, please, hold the applause...just throw chocolate.


joated said...

Nice work!

Rev. Paul said...

Well done!

Cathy said...

Showering cyber chocolate all over Northview :) Moms are awesome.

NumberWise said...

That photo makes me laugh out loud! I was wondering if I could hurl that chocolate across the river if I stood on my roof....

threecollie said...

Joated, thanks. lol

Rev. Paul, thank you sir...I was so proud of myself.

Cathy, thank you!

NW, I dunno, but if you want to Hope you are feeling better and better every day in every way.

Terry and Linda said...

It is the slow and easy that does it. Many times I've found something Terry was just sure was lost.