Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sunday Stills....Graffiti or Mural

We don't see a lot of graffiti on the farm, except for maybe tail head chalk or when the boss used to spray paint pictures of Amishmen and buggies and horses on the ag bags to scare the crows away.

October 10, 1850

Not sure what this one says...maybe "love"?

However, up in the big haymow, where once there was a horse stable, someone did some writing on the walls many years ago. The boss found it not too long ago and we were all fascinated.
Hazel is ???? Or maybe Hazel loves Thad?

I found some Van Epps, buried just down the road from here, who may have been Lizzie's parents, or even grandparents. Here are their graves.

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Lizzie V E, Elizabeth Van Epps, whose family once owned the farm

Lewis Green


Cathy said...

Oh my.
Just think . .
If they could see their names the way you've shared them today . . .
Indeed . . . a form of immortality. I find it so moving.

Cathy said...

P.S. That image that maybe says 'love' . ..
I knew there was something familiar about it. Check out the first pix as you scroll down. "Symbolic Behaviour: From Cave Art to Graffiti :

Ed said...

Very cool, any idea how old they are? :-)

threecollie said...

Cathy, it is impossible to live in such an old and storied place and not think of those who lived here before. And believe it or not, I saw the same shape in that graphic! Wow!

Ed, at least the one is dated October 10, 1850