Saturday, March 29, 2014

Best Laid Plans

A LOT going on today, so we went out to milk early, and get that out of the way. Of course, when we got to the barn, Camry was giving every indication of imminent calving.

Of course.

Not much to do but observe in the early stages so we observed while we worked. About half an hour into chores a foot popped out. 

An upside down foot. If you have any experience with calvings you know this is not good. This baby was breech. Of course as soon as that foot made its appearance Camry stood up. Although sometimes we have been forced to deliver calves while the mama is standing up, it sure isn't the choice way to do it.

Breech deliveries are critical. Once the umbilical cord is broken by delivery the calf reflexively breaths. If its head is still inside the cow....well, it isn't good...

Eventually just as we were getting ready to feed out the hay, the old girl lay back down and got down to serious pushing. More good news......not......the calf seemed to be upside down itself. This is nearly impossible to deal with and have a good outcome.

However, a quick examination proved that the legs were just crossed funny. A little leverage and the boss got them right.

Next we pulled. Quick. A lot quicker than would be the case with a normal birth.

We got lucky. The huge bull calf was born alive. Then mama proceeded to bite off his umbilical cord too close to his belly, so he was bleeding like crazy.

Fortunately, we have umbilical tape so we tied it off. (Baling twine will do in a pinch, but the tape is lots better) Now if she doesn't bite the string off. And if she doesn't prolapse after that crazy birth....


The Milk Maid said...

I hope Camry and her calf do alright! We have a cow named Camry, she is a lineback. Her mom is Toyota and relatives that are Corolla, Prius and Tundra. Camry's latest calf which isn't too old is Rav 4 right now because I don't know the names of the newer Toyota's. I should google it I guess.

Cathy said...

Are we having fun, yet ?
Sure hope things smooth out.

Terry and Linda said...

As hard as that was (is) you at least were home and in the barn!! One good thing .... at least.

❤⊱彡 Linda