Saturday, March 29, 2014

For Jonna, Cathy, Linda

And all of you winter-weary good folks out there. The geraniums are already showing signs of damping off. Darned things anyhow; they are so hard to grow.

However, these hardy little herbs are confident that spring and summer will get here and give them room to grow and in the meantime they are thriving in the mini-greenhouse in the living room.

They give me hope.


Cathy said...

Yes, my friend . . .
. . . . Hope . . .

The promise of new beginnings, of returning light . .
. . . and 'green' flowing over the hills.
Thank you.

Jonna said...

You are too sweet.
I walked a way this morning I have not been for many months. A pussy willow was blooming. I sighed out loud. Patience, patience.

Linda said...

I have green envy....or is that green with's white here again.