Saturday, March 15, 2014

Got Bunnies

Beaucoup de bunny tracks

If anybody is missing their Easter bunny I think I found him...and him...and him...and quite a few hers too.

Daisy and I were out patrolling the lawn yesterday and found a veritable highway of bunny tracks under the old swing set. Could it be because we cleaned out the freezers and put elderberries and some old dried up apples out for the robins? I'll betcha.

They are Driving Miss Daisy.....plumb nuts.


Cathy said...

Looks like Miss Daisy is standing in the clover leaf of a busy bunny highway. I'll be her nose is busy!

thepoodleanddogblog said...

Now Daisy knows her reason for living.

Terry and Linda said...

The good, good life!

♬♬♬ Happy Saint Patrick’s Day ♬♬♬

threecollie said...

Cathy, she has such a powerful little nose...all those bunny tracks drive her crazy. lol

Jan, she may look like a mini lap dog, but in her heart she is a great and dangerous hunter. She told us about the possums on the porch for weeks before we finally saw them

Linda, that is so true