Saturday, March 15, 2014

Got Ice?

Never seen anything like it. We have had ice like this since November and it gets worse all the time. Actually almost all melted last week, but the new storm brought back plenty. It eats up sand and salt like quicksand.....It is slowly devouring the horse trailer....


Cathy said...

Never. Never have we had ice like this. It's lining streets, driveways and sidewalks in cement hard piles. It's not going anywhere for a long time.
I know you'll relate to this: For the first time in weeks . . I walked our front walk without watching my feet. It was wet. Not ice.

June said...

The other day -- nice and warm and melty. And then at 4pm freezing rain, sleet. Got home to find the whole driveway as slick and solid as a skating rink. Never was I so glad for my four studded tires!
...and for ashes from the wood stove, that provided a little grit for frightened feet.

Terry and Linda said...

When I read Niagara Falls have frozen solid I was stunned. You all are having the worst winter of all times!

♬♬♬ Happy Saint Patrick’s Day ♬♬♬

threecollie said...

Cathy, isn't it awful! We always get some. March is usually bad for it. But to have the entire way from house to barn encased in a couple of feet that is constantly renewed! It is just nuts. It was so bad the other night Becky sent Alan over to the barn with the Durango to bring me to the house and when we got next to where that horse trailer is we just started sliding. 4 wheel drive and he had a tough time getting it back up to the house.

June, unreal! And it just doesn't seem to want to end this year.

Linda, if you get a chance Google it and look at the pictures of the frozen falls. Cold, but absolutely stunning!