Friday, March 28, 2014

It Was Supposed to Rain

Dogwood down by the driveway

But instead we woke up to the ground covered with snow and the air spitting sleet and ice balls and just plain nasty. And dark. Very dark. There is a hissing and rattling at the windows that does not bode well for the day.

This time last year, there were buds on the grapes

I have a literal mind, and live very much in the moment. Thus in summer when the grass is green and the trees weighted down with leaves, winter barely looms on my horizon......despite the fact that we have many, many months of it.

Sadly, the same goes for spring. I am not too good with the theoretical aspect of its pending arrival. And mostly feel very strongly that it is going to be winter forever.

Yesterday was so nice. Today, well, not so much. This time last year the woodcock was peenting. Wonder if we will hear him soon.

And Facebook's new policy of dunning anyone who links to anything for money before sharing their content has not only cut down by at least a third on the hits that come here. It has also found me leaving the site and doing housework instead. So maybe it's a good thing. 

That is all. Have a good one.


Cathy said...

Then I am not alone in my affliction. Traveling into the hills of central OHio two days ago . . I remarked to my husband that I don't remember green. Can hardly believe in it. Even photographs of summer lushness are troubling in their failure to convince the heart.

Facebook is a strange mystery that Keith and I stumble around in.

Ruth said...

Rain here, nasty drippy cold stuff. Apollo would prefer snow. I'd prefer sun!

Jonna said...

Looks like we're in the same boat. I am thinking about planting more early blooming (as in winter blooming) plants. I think there might be a Witch hazel like that. Then again, my Snow Iris - which usually bloom in February - are still only 1/2 inch out of the ground. :(

Terry and Linda said...

I have trouble in winter as I pine and long for spring, summer and fall as I can remember them so clearly. I want to rush out the door and step into WARMTH, but alas it isn't to be in winter. I detest winter with all inside of me...although I KNOW that we must have winter to have snow and then water....

What is the deal with FB?

❤⊱彡 Linda

threecollie said...

Cathy, I actually gave this some thought last summer when I was looking out the big windows at the vista of green. I couldn't wrap my mind around the concept of winter from that vantage point. Alas, it works the same way in reverse. And I love FB. Talk to a lot of nice folks there too. Alas, their new formula for extracting money has made it very hard to see the posts of friends and family. I am spending less time there, which is not what I think they were looking for.

Ruth, here too now. Ick!

Jonna, it is disheartening, isn't it? That grape bud was from last year. There is simply nothing here yet. Nothing. Not even a haze of pink on the maples or gold on the willows. Late, late, late. And the maple syrup run is abysmal. Alan is participating for the first time...the kids were not even thought of yet, when I used to do it...with his fiance's brother, and he is so anxious to get boiling.

Linda, Fb changed the formula for what people see in their feeds. Unless you pay to promote links they have cut drastically on who sees what you post. I had no idea how many people were coming to see me via that venue until they stopped. I think they will be sorry in the end, as I also do not see posts from my friends and family and so go do something else.