Friday, April 18, 2014

Another One

And another one.

Buried tractors that is.

The boss has been rounding up old, derelict machinery for disposal.

Been doing pretty good too, for one guy working alone, with everything else that is going on.

Then it all went south. The JD 4430 slid off the hard ground and buried its butt deep in a rut, with an 892 chopper firmly in tow. With no other tractor, there was no way to get it out.

Enter a kind neighbor who brought his tractor up to pull it out. And got stuck.

So he brought his other tractor up to get them both out.

And then they had to use the skid steer too. Yeah, it is the worst kind of muddy here....the frost going out of the ground, raining, snowing, wet since last year kind of muddy.

Glad the chopper was about the last thing to be dragged down here.

Glad we have nice neighbors.

Glad I was in the house waiting to take yet another meeting and didn't have to go play in the mud too. 


Cathy said...

Groan. And I've been whimpering because I have to change into yard shoes to check the daffodils :(
Wonder if the deep frost line is making it worse this year.

Dani said...


Ed said...

Excellent water shot..:-))

Terry and Linda said...

When all that sort of stuff is going on....I really like to be in the house. Otherwise I seem to get in the way and get the frustrations taken out on ME!


Jeffro said...

So playing in the mud with heavy equipment has lost it's appeal? Snork!!

threecollie said...

Cathy, I am sure glad it's over and I didn't have to get involved. lol

Dani, that says it all.

Ed, thanks, took it last winter and never looked at it again until yesterday

Linda, same here. Hate towing, hate being towed, hate the silent treatment when things go wrong.

Jeffro, lol, not my favorite part of being a farm wife. Not even my second favorite.