Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bright Eyes

Peggy Ann has graduated from staring at the photos of my grandparents and great grandfather, the railroad conductor, on the kitchen wall, to watching this picture.

Liz drew it in seventh grade. I have always liked it, so I framed it and it also hangs in the kitchen.

The baby finds it utterly fascinating. 

And I think she smiled at me today.


Terry and Linda said...

Every day something more wonderfully new opens up to her!


Cathy said...

I'd have framed that picture too!
Peggy has inherited Grandma's artistic eye :)

threecollie said...

Linda, it is so cool to watch. When it was us raising our kids the time was slower. Now it is like watching a baby grow in fast forward.

Cathy, lol, I liked it right from the day she brought it home. Up in the bedroom I have a larger than full-sized wizard Alan did, along with a cardboard husky I made for a Halloween costume (Gary Paulsen readers don't you know..) They make quite a pair. lol