Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Little Things

It was still dark when I walked our little dachsie this morning. Still, a grackle took off from the feeders. Couldn't see him, but I know his chirp. Up early....but then he's a bird, so I guess he should be.

A sleepy robin warbled contentedly from somewhere north toward the river. Such a fine, clear music to serenade up the sun.

Just now, a chickadee is singing his spring song, over and over, out behind the house.

And yesterday I was given a most amazing gift, a solid sign that, no matter how much snow or cold we get in late spring unpleasantness, winter is truly over.

Alan picked up his old yellow hard hat on the back porch. I am squirrel-like, or perhaps mother-like, in my picking up after people. It was stuck on the wall among the garden tools and bits and pieces of farm life I have accumulated there over the years. Fence handles, concrete trowels, springs and hinges, surveyors' tape, hoof nippers.....and lots of other astonishing treasure.

Inside was the framework of a Carolina wren nest. I know who built this little gem because I have heard them out there, chirping and twittering in their absurdly loud voices. Tried a dozen times to sneak out to see them, but they are too quick and wary.

The male sings and sings and sings from one of the mulberry trees to the east of the house...a spot with a good view of that bright yellow brain protector.

I will take this to be a sign. As the wrens made it through the winter...with help from fine people in Ohio and Tribes Hill....we will make it through the challenges. I hope we will sing...well, maybe not...I have a voice like a crow....I hope we will be as bold and brilliant as they are, when all is said and done.

And now, as I proofread and add photos to this little thing, the wren is on the back porch...just outside the kitchen door, singing and peeping and chattering. I am blessed....


lisa said...

You are so poetic! Hang in there. Just think, now you can enjoy the spring sounds and sights at your leisure! Thinking of you, sister!

Cathy said...

A voice like a crow, eh?
Then belt it out, Marianne.
Remember Mary Martin's awesome crowing?
Thanks for sharing the springing around your place. We need it.
(Hope you get a picture of the wren and that hardhat)

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

I first started reading your blog because of the dogs and cows, and then I learned more about birds from you, and then I just kept checking in to see what your family was up to. But it's the prose, no matter what is going on at Northside, you make it real and keep it interesting.

Oh yeah, and now it's checking in on dear Peggy to see her grow and bloom.

Terry and Linda said...

Spring does skies, warm days, balmy breezes, the color all helps heal.

❤⊱彡 Linda

threecollie said...

Lisa, thank you, sister of my heart. WE are doing the best we can these days.

Cathy, tune and bucket come to mind, and not in a positive way. Although I was singing along with my phone, alone I thought, the other night, and later had my husband ask, "Was that you?" I apologized in the affirmative and he said, "No, it was nice. I liked it..." High praise indeed. I do remember Mary Martin, and well. She was a great favorite of my mom's.

Nita, thank you Nita, it has been a great deal of fun for me, and I hope to go on, despite our gigantic change of direction

Linda, it does indeed and we got some wonderful news last night, that helped a lot. Will post in a bit.