Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Snow in April daffs here yet
Kind of a bewildering betrayal, especially coming on the heels of eighty-degree weather. It really felt like spring for a while there. Still, this is to be expected in the wilds of Upstate.

We button up the barn again.....not being neophytes to the vagaries of spring in NY, we hadn't stripped things down any farther than to pull down a couple tarps off fans, and crack a few doors.

No biggie to put it all back the way it was.

Since the weather prognosticators got it right this time, the boss has already brought in extra firewood. Extra blankets on the beds. Long johns washed but not put away. (Wouldn't that be folly!)

 Bama's day out the other day....six or seven luscious hours in the barnyard, soaking up sun and gobbling up hay...are just a memory now. We let her out and not Moon so they wouldn't fight and knock each other down. Still pretty slippery even with most of the snow and ice gone. Now she is back in her stall, safe from the weather and warm.

 Spring, it makes a young man's fancy turn to thoughts of love, and an old man's fancy turn to thoughts of homemade spaghetti and meatballs with lots of good Parmesan cheese on top.


lisa said...

I remember getting snow in May. I sure hope this isn't one of those years!

Rev. Paul said...

Last year in April, we rec'd 31" of snow. This year, .04".
Temps approaching 50 all this week, so no white stuff for us.

Looks like the upper U.S. is getting it all, this year.

Cathy said...

"Wouldn't that be folly!"
Yep. That's what we call :
Bating the fates. Asking for it.
So glad Bama got a little outdoorsy time.
We all need it sooooo bad.

Terry and Linda said...

And it makes old people tired with all the spring work to do. :)


threecollie said...

Lisa, same here!I really enjoyed the nice weather last week.

Rev. Paul, we have friends in the mid west who have seen ridiculous amounts and it doesn't seem to want to quit

Cathy, can't wait to get her and Moon out for the summer. Just too icy, muddy, slippery nasty still though. Soon.

Linda, lol, ain't that the truth!For me lately it's meetings, meetings, meetings, never ending meetings straightening out financial stuff. Ugh!