Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What the Heck?

I usually get up at or near, or on days when I have a lot of writing to do and need some peace and quiet, well before dawn.

This is one of those days so.....

First of all I got to stand in the center of the dawn chorus. Wow. We have an absurd number of robins around this spring and one was singing about ten feet from me when I walked Daisy by flashlight. Dozens of others warbled from every hedgerow and hillside. In fact they still are.

Nice. I think it may be going to rain because they are crazy loud.

Then as I sat here imbibing the first cup of coffee and putting off calling up this week's Farm Side and getting my act together, I heard this sorta familiar, but semi-out of place song.

Just faintly.

What the heck? 

And then it dawned. Last night just before we went to bed certain people who had been wheeling and dealing poultry showed up with three guinea hens and put them in the small chicken coop.

Yep, that is what I hear. Guinea fowl.

Now if only I could explain as easily the huge boom from off to the west that rattled the plates and shook the windows.


Cathy said...

"Dawn Chorus"
We made it. Even here in suburbia we hear the robin's cheery voice.
And now I"ll have to google guinea fowl sounds :)

wendywoo said...

My stepdaughter, who lives just north of Cobleskill, heard and felt that the other day also.

Rev. Paul said...

Birdsong would be a nice addition to the croaking ravens & honking geese. That's about all we have right now.

Terry and Linda said...

I would like a few of those rather loud birds!

What as the boom?

threecollie said...

Cathy, so loud yesterday, so quiet today. Weird. Those darned guineas were so loud yesterday! Nervous birds anyhow and in a new home. OMG!

Wendy, I don't know what it was buy it sure was noticeable!

Rev. Paul, I would miss them....a lot....

Linda, wish we could let them run and do their job of tick removal. Alas, the foxes and coyotes are too good at domestic bird removal.