Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Why Did the c̶h̶i̶c̶k̶e̶n̶

Very large oops.
Although you can't see it, that left tire is buried completely in mud

er....deer, cross the road?

We don't know, but it's a good thing I was with the boss yesterday. We were hurtling down one of those huge hills over on the very aptly named Corbin Hill Road....don't know of any Corbins, but they sure have hills....

When I saw a deer come bolting up the edge of the road down at the bottom...He didn't notice her.

All I could do was stammer, "Look out, look out, look out." (Do warnings in triplicate carry more emphasis?)

He heard me and reacted quickly enough to save us from would have been a certain collision with at least one of what turned out to be deer in triplicate. Looked like a doe and two of last year's fawns.

They were panicked, whirling and leaping in terror as they hurtled across in front of us. They were a lot more worried about whatever was behind them than they were about the road.

He barely got stopped in time by the way. And of course the guy behind us in the big white truck never saw them and was outraged about the way he hauled on the brakes and set the Durango's nose down like that.

Gotta tell you, besides being afraid of something behind them...it was noon....you expect them to be stupid at twilight and dawn, but not noon...they were starved right down to nothing. Their coats had faded from the usual dark grey of winter to the exact pale color of the dead Canary grass they popped out of. And shaggy. Fur hung in untidy swatches. 

If all the deer wintering down there look that bad I don't imagine there will be much of a fawn crop this year. I kinda wondered why they looked so poor. Although it has been a very prolonged and cold winter there hasn't been all that much snow and there are plenty of alfalfa fields, lots of leftover corn, and acres of woods for them down there. Maybe they were just having a bad hair day. Or maybe there was a pack of coyotes out in that grass.

Two trips to the Lykers pond in two days.
I have been off the farm more in the past week than I have in the past six months.

Anyhoo, although yesterday was not perhaps one of the best we ever experienced, whomever owns the backhoe above has worse problems than we do.


Cathy said...

The job of co-pilot is not to be taken lightly. Ask my hubby. Good job, Marianne.
As for the deer. Painful this year. The local farmers culled 38 from our immediate Loudonville environs because they were eating livestock food.

Shirley said...

The deer might have bad ticks which would account for poor condition.

joated said...

Ticks are said to have had an adverse effect on the deer and moose populations up in New Hampshire and Vermont so it's possible that could be a problem in the Mohawk Valley.

As for the guy with the backhoe, if he's any good, he'll lift himself out of that quandry with little trouble. A little coordination of the front loader and backhoe bucket should get him up high enough to get some planks under that tire...if not out of the hole altogether.

threecollie said...

Cathy, you are so right about that. Two heads are better than one, and no one in our family complains about back seat drivers much. lol We haven't seen any deer for a while up here. They yard up in the county to the south, where these three were located. Soon though

Shirley, that makes a lot of sense. The ticks have been awful the past couple of years

Joated, and they have been ridiculously bad down here too. Never seen anything like it. As for the backhoe, Ralph thinks at least one axle is broken. I took the pic from the car and it really doesn't do justice to how bad he is in. There is a creek and huge hole under him. Been sitting there quite a while now.