Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Cows are Smarter than Activists

Please let me come back to my stall....pretty please?

The anti-GMO foods and all-organic movement is determined that conventional cows don't go to pasture.

And of course ALL cows are happier at pasture right?

Well, don't tell Moon. She doesn't like the flies. She doesn't like the sunshine. She doesn't like the grass. She is standing as close to the house as she can get, staring at the back door, and mooing whenever she sees someone.

She wants to go back to the barn. And don't be taken in by how sparse the grass is where the cows are. Up to the east of them there is lots and it is lush.

She's nuts. I like the grass.


Cathy said...

That visual of Moon mooing to get back in the barn . .
Amazing what we people project onto animals.

Anonymous said...

For the GMO crowd, you could probably substitute any noun: Rocks are smarter than activists...etc.

Rev. Paul said...

+1 thepoodleanddogblog

Terry and Linda said...

I had a huge laugh at could tell she was begging to go back inside! What a cutie! Makes me miss cows all over again!


threecollie said...

Cathy, silly cow. She could and should graze all day. Don't know what her issue is.

Jan, you betcha. Science, schmience.

Rev Paul, yep

Linda, silly girl, and she keeps Bama from grazing like she should. Bama by the way has gained significant weight in just two days outdoors because she is a real forager.