Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Crow Carousel

Also seen from the big windows, but nowhere near as lovely

Monday, Alan, his fiance, the boss, and I were talking in the living room...the big windows were playing my favorite show...the great outdoors.

The creeper crew, come by to clean up some well-aged venison

Up flew a crowd of crows, maybe half-a-dozen or seven or so. They were a tight-knit little flock, not at all what you usually see with corvids.

There was a crow's nest up in the hedgerow this was fun to watch the crows drive herds of turkey vultures away from the meadow...there is a flat Bambi down on the Thruway and they often stop by to dine..... while grackles dive-bombed the crows.

 I'll bet these were the fledglings, just out for first flight.

The wind was gusty and blustery, whipping around the house in a whirl. The great black birds used the spot where the winds come back together, not quite a lee, but more  an invisible whirlpool of spinning air, to perform a crow ballet.

I know crows CAN be beautiful, the shine of the sun on a wing, the whisper of pumping feather edges as they row by...but this was stunning. 

They tumbled and twirled and danced and swirled, one over the other and then under, like a great big merry-go-round, crow ballet. A veritable spinning ball of birds.

Then they lifted over the edge of the yard and were gone.

Crows as poets....who knew?


joated said...

Uh, Marianne? I see turkey vultures in those photos, not crows.

wendywoo said...

I'm thinking the same thing...what's up with that?

threecollie said...

"Also seen from the big windows....."

wendywoo said...


Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Crows RULE! All the corvids share the same winning traits: they're smart, sassy, beautiful, and have good family values. I wish it were legal to own a crow as a pet, I love them so much. I'm glad to know you do too.

Terry and Linda said...

You have them all...Vultures, ravens and crows...It's nice we have them...the dead would pile up horribly.


Cathy said...

It takes a poet to see the poetry in a crow :)

12Paws said...