Tuesday, May 13, 2014

For the Birds

Thanks, Linda, the goldfinches love it!

What does it mean if the robin sees his shadow?

Eastern Phoebe

For Heaven's sake, hide buddy! Season is open!

Gold finches and white-crowned sparrows

If you look closely you can see the Carolina wren feeding the babies under the hard hat.
This was taken through the screen door from the kitchen.

Three new birds for the Northview count yesterday...Northern Harrier, right in the old horse pasture outside the big windows, Willow Catcher right where they always are in the rosebushes at the edge of the long lawn, and a Wood Thrush down in the overgrown front field. The kids can be serenaded to sleep each night by his beautiful song. Maybe Peggy will grow up to be a birder!

So far we are over fifty species for the year and I haven't even been up in the fields much yet. What a year for birds! First time I have ever seen a Harrier down here. Wrens should fledge in about four days. I wonder if I can park the car close to the porch and use it for a blind...they are pretty tame. 


Cathy said...

Truly. There's a children's story in that hard-hat-as-safe-haven for a wren nest.
I don't imagine there's ever been a more whimsical arrangement.

Delightful. Your surroundings . . and reporting thereof.

Terry and Linda said...

Oh! Good! I'm glad you are able to use them. As the other box arrived yet?

skara brea

threecollie said...

Cathy, I am trying for a decent photo to enter in Cornell's crazy nest contest later in the year. Thanks

Linda, they are a delight! Having lots of fun putting them around. The box hasn't come yet, but probably today. Thanks again!