Monday, May 12, 2014

I Shall Call it Fang

Diamond peeking out of her new stall

One of my Mother's Day gifts that is. Because it is a Bluetooth, and so should have a sort of toothy name. I talk to Alan a lot on the phone, as he is away most of the time, and the phone is as good as it gets.

Sunny and Jade

I get tired holding the phone up to my ear and cricking my neck for hours...and the battery gets hot enough to fry eggs, if I didn't mind getting yolks in my hair. 

So he got me a solution to that situation. I love it! Sat on the porch yesterday talking to him and birding in comfort. Becky got me books and GOOD clothespins, which are absurdly hard to find. I love them too, as I spend an absurd amount of time doing laundry and hate the cheap little buggers that fly apart and vanish in the weeds and do not stand up to the challenges of blue jeans.

It was perhaps the best Mother's Day ever

Had a whole FLOCK of white-crowned sparrows right on the back step. I could peep out the door and see them all over the place and hear them singing as they gathered up chicken scratch the girls had spilled on the step. They look like a group of butlers, lacking only a towel draped over their wings.

Then I got a life bird without leaving the sitting porch. First I saw this odd green bird. I got the binoculars on it for a better look and thought it was an oriole, but it was distinctly green.

Then what I thought was a robin began chasing it fervently through the trees. Dark chestnut breast, black on the head. What the heck? I couldn't believe my eyes. A pair of orchard orioles!

I have never seen them before and didn't know that they even occur here, but they are listed as breeding in Central NY, which is basically here.

When you don't travel and started birding at about seven or eight, lifers are rare. Maybe one every year or so. For the most part I'm down to adding warblers now and then. Wow.

Liz 'n' Jade brought their big horse, Sunny down too and put him in Diamond's old stall, Compared to the ponies he is huge!

So, all in all, a pretty nice day. Talked to mom a little. We went up to see her Thursday....hope your day was as nice.


Ruth said...


Paintsmh said...

Sunny seemed happy this morning.

Terry and Linda said...

A house full of Cheer and a bluetooth!


threecollie said...

Ruth, it is!

Liz, let's hope he stays that way

Linda, yep, it's all good. lol

Cathy said...

So rich with beauty . . life . . . love.
The view at Northview has survived that winter and is in full bloom.