Monday, May 05, 2014

Look at all the Happy Creatures

Becky called me to see this wild turkey hen right on the lawn behind the house

These ladies went NUTS!

Get off our lawn, you varmint, you!

And then the boss called me over to see this one and four others,
which got away before I got to the camera

Dancing on the lawn. There are eastern cottontails and woodchucks too. I shudder to think of the beating the garden is going to take, should it ever dry out enough so we can actually plant it.

The wild things are on the migrants showing up every day too. It is cold. It is grey. It is windy. But it is spring and there is no denying it.


Rev. Paul said...

At least you have green. :) We have buds that turned green yesterday, but no grass or leaves yet.

Terry and Linda said...

We are still dry here and my yard is very dry. I will plant some day but not until I have water....someday.


thepoodleanddogblog said...

A little territoriality for the domestic branch over the wild things.

ellie k said...

We have an armadillo in our yard, they dig up everything, we have a small peach tree that has some low branches that had peaches that were just getting ripe, this thing ate all the low ones in one night, we planted a avocado one day the next it was cut off at the ground. It is illegal to trap or kill them here in Florida, we now cover the peach tree every night and we are really enjoying fresh peaches. This is garden time here and very nice to be enjoying fresh veggies. Hope you get yours in soon ours will soon be gone.

Cathy said...

Ah . . I'm so glad to hear you report that - truly - you believe it's spring. Cold and windy in Ohio, too.
I do love the varmint reports :)

Linda said...

It's so green there......spring sounds like it made it at least to your end of the world.

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, we DO have green. Eye-searing green. I love it!

Linda, I am so sorry for the lousy spring you are having. Cold here, but at least we have enough moisture.

Jan, exactly!

ellie, wow! I had no idea they were protected. Peaches sound wonderful. It is hard to grow them up here because of the short season and fire blight.

Cathy, it is hard to believe it, but it really is. lol Cold and windy here too though most of the time...when it isn't raining.

Linda, Jade mowed part of the lawn last night!