Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Oh, the Migrants You Will See

American gold finch

And hear. The boss and I went out a'fencing yesterday and there were birds everywhere. There was a whole darned flock of what I think were probably bobolinks, but I took the little binoculars instead of the big binoculars so that I could carry a corn knife to cut brush.

White-throated sparrow

I never used the corn knife at all, and the little ones didn't have enough oomph to let me identify the noisy chatters. We got up close with a vociferous brown thrasher though. What a delightful fellow, so loud and bold. First of the year.

And then down near the buildings the barn swallows showed up. Grey catbird this morning. I think that sweet sweet sweeter singer I've been hearing is the yellow warbler, although I am waiting to actually see him to be sure.

Song sparrow

Chipping sparrow
Truly this is the best time of year for a birder and I treasure every day.


Rev. Paul said...


Cathy said...

Bangles and baubles and bright shiny . . ummmm . . . bright shiny . . . Whoa! Awesome . A bright shiny chipping sparrow :)

joated said...

Nice shots.

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, thank you!

Cathy, yeah, not-a-bead. lol

Joated, thanks