Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Punching the Insect Time Clock

Within minutes after I opened the door for the first time at five AM, heading out to walk little Miss Daisy, the wrens were actively feeding the kids. I've been timing them since then, off and on, as I polish up the Farm Side for this week.

Speaking of which....I like writing, but I hate the final proofreading for commas, tenses, common sense, and the like. Ack. I try to let it stew over night and look at it with fresh eyes, but I get so picky and drive myself nuts.

Anyhow, not more than four minutes has passed between any two bug deliveries. Since they were still feeding at around nine or so last night, how many insects do these little birds extract from the environment? If I peep out the screen door I see a steady stream of caterpillars, things with wings, and unidentifiable bundles of bugginess. 

What hard workers! Everyone should have a couple of pairs!


Cathy said...

How'd I miss this!?
What a shot.
I love Carolina wrens.
You've surely had some wonderful entertainment.

threecollie said...

Cathy, I am trying to find time to use the car as a blind and get some really good ones. They are so absurdly tame! A friend...the guy whose horses appear in those old photos...says he has a pair in his farm shop and feeds them cluster flies, AKA buckwheat flies, from his house all winter. I love it. We have a few and next winter I will be sweeping the unused rooms! He says after a couple of days they were waiting on the windowsills for him. lol