Friday, May 09, 2014

Sun is Up

On a rainy morning. Woke up at 4 to a flashing digital clock and a flashing sky...seems we had a thunder storm. This is the first of the year so we will put to the test a theory the boss read that the first frost of autumn will occur in about six months.

Guess we had better treasure these warmer days, huh?

Visited the library book sale yesterday and found a few books and an especially good brownie. The sale is still on so if you didn't get over yesterday, you can still make it. They have nice plants too.

Also visited the folks and were visited by the first Baltimore Oriole and Eastern Towhee. Very nice. Got to see a back porch bug delivery too. I had gone over to see what was making a weird noise up in back...the guinea hens, I should have known...and just happened to catch a stealth wren feeding the babies in the hard hat.

It is amazing to have them out there. We walk through that porch dozens of times a day and they don't even react. When the hen was brooding she didn't even fly off the fact we didn't even know she was in there. Should be interesting when those babies fledge.


Ruth said...

Six months from today would be Nov? I can't see not having a frost before then honestly. You're not THAT far from me!

Susan Liber said...

Amsterdam Library book sale is today and tomorrow.

Terry and Linda said...

We haven't had a thunder storm I want to put to test the same theory and see if we have a killing frost in six months. November would be really odd to have the first killing freeze. But I'll take it! (from one who dreads winter)