Saturday, May 17, 2014

Today or Tomorrow

The moon was sailing on the garden pond
 when I paused on the stair landing this morning

The wrens will fledge or at least according to what I have been able to glean from articles in the subject. 

It will be a mixed blessing. Their beeping and fluttering sets a cheerful background to the day, from the edge of dawn to the cusp of night. 

However protecting them from cats and garter snakes has been a constant job. Bad enough that our own barn cats wander up on the porch looking for handouts....we are as attuned to the wren alarm calls as if we were birds ourselves and run to scoot them back to the barn where they belong. And it seems to be the summer of the garter snake. i have never seen so many and they are so tame and friendly. Becky picks them up and takes them over on the other farm if she sees them, but nobody can see them all.

And then last night the wild grey tom was on the porch when we came in from chores. I woke well before dawn worrying about the potential for harm from him...

And about our own fledglings facing all the dangers of the world on their own two wings, while we hover over the nest peeping alarm calls....which, like all wise and wonderful fledglings, they ignore completely.

Ah, parenthood, sheltering wings and opening gates, hovering, and backing away like it was our job....oh, wait....


A. Montgomery said...

Yes, and I still worry about you and your brothers, and my Mother worried about me all of her days. That is the nature of the beast. But aren't the days of childhood and growth and learning wonderful? Aren't you glad you had them? I am. Wish I had more.

Cathy said...

This was so beautiful.
The shimmering moon on the pond . .
and your shimmering prose.

threecollie said...

Mom, guess it is the nature of the mother. And yes, they are the best of is sure fun

Cathy, as always, thank you so much for your kindness. Wish you could have seen that moon! The photos do not do it justice. From the landing the whole pond was a disc of quaking gold. I was stunned...and awed... I pause on that landing every morning and evening and have for years, yet I have never seen anything like that at all.