Saturday, May 10, 2014


Someone said when we sold the cows that work expands to fill the time allotted. Seems to be true.

Of course we have more people here now. The kids moved into a huge room we weren't using and are bringing their other horse here, maybe this weekend. Be interesting to have a great big Haflinger cross instead of just the ponies. 

Stall building and fence building are moving forward apace on his behalf. Although I haven't participated in those activities, I have watched the baby a bit to help make them possible. She likes her mommy better though for some reason.

I expected the other dog to be a problem but Ren is a sweetie. So soft and kind and gentle. Alas she doesn't like Daisy too well, but I think that will work out in a bit.

Planted a lilac bush for Jeffro. Hopefully the lawn mower will miss it for a few years and it will grow to be significant. It is an offshoot of a pink miniature one I bought years ago when we lived in town. I moved it up here along with the rhubarb and such. Then it thrust up a lovely shoot right in the middle of the rhubarb...

The boss and I dug it up Thursday and moved it to the house garden, right next to a big field rock, all scored by tillage tools over the years. Seems fitting I think.

Wrens are getting loud when the parents come by with insects. Hearing them out there is about the best thing of the day. A garter snake came on the porch yesterday though, and was too quick for me to catch. Since then, Beck has been collecting all she can find and taking them over to the other side of the creek. Several made the move yesterday. No wrens on the reptile menu here we hope.

Anyhow, seems we are busier than we were when we had three times the cows and the work to go with them. I don't mind. Busy is better than bored.


Terry and Linda said...

Busy is perfect! Bored is a horror to be feared! Your big wonderful house is going to be full of baby laughter all over again!

I am so happy for you.


12Paws said...

My first 5 years were 80% spent on my grandparents farm. Very dear memories! Your last picture so very lovely. Enjoy your journey with grandbaby--her slant is ready to be written upon.