Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Grazing in the rain...just after dawn

Life is taking lessons from Superman around here, changing so fast we feel like we are spinning in circles, trying to catch a glimpse of our world as it flashes by. Looks like the boss will be taking an off-farm job for the first time since he was a kid, except for auctioneering of course...just for a few days, for a good friend...but a huge change.

If all things work out we will be getting a new calf probably this weekend. Haven't heard from Al yet about the details, but I guess he is buying one for the new beef operation.

Speaking of beef, you should see those little bulls and steers go for the new-made hay. Heifers too. Even the old cows go nuts for it and they have all the grass they can eat, all night and all day, out in the pasture.

Meanwhile, we are still planting garden. Got to replant two rows of beans after I get over to Sunnycrest for some new seed. I always grow a Dutch bean, Slankette, or Slenderette, depending on who's selling it. Must be my seed got old, because not a single one germinated. And then it's on to squash and kohlrabi and radishes and, and and...

 Most days I pot up an herb seedling or two for the next poultry and small stock swap.

But it's raining again today. Have a good one. 


Rev. Paul said...

Sometimes, the only good thing about high-speed life episodes is looking back at them, after they pass.

Hang in there!

Terry and Linda said...

Our cows also would rather eat potato chip hay than the really yummy sweet grass. Go figure.


Cathy said...

Hope the spinning stays manageable. Guess that's what it's all about . . . just managing the vertigo :)
Good luck to the boss. I know he'll be a great help to his friend.

threecollie said...

REv. Paul, well, I don't do well with boredom,

Linda, the silly things stayed in the barnyard most of the day, just nibbling on the new hay

Cathy, thanks, I hope it works out well. they are great friends...a lifelong relationship...and it could be a nice thing.