Friday, June 13, 2014

Flood Warnings

Not a creek...our barnyard, down which rocks were merrily rolling even an hour after the storms

Our normally tiny creek. Sorry for the poor focus. no light

Truck 'o' water

More flooded roads

One of a dozen bank filled creeks we passed. This is normally a tiny rivulet

All around us. And closed roads. The kids went to pick up a horse trailer for an event they are attending with the pony tomorrow and they couldn't get there from here.....for a while at least. I just read that some places are being evacuated locally because more rain is expected. 


Ann Ward said...

Y'all stay safe!!

Cathy said...

Good grief!
Unconstrained water . . . pretty scary.
Yes. Stay safe.

Terry and Linda said...

Oh, my goodness!! You are washing away and we are blowing away.

Hope you are safe by the time you read this message!


threecollie said...

Ann, thanks, so far so good.

Cathy, it is getting old, this flooding in our valley, and so much of it is so much worse because of things like no one opening the river dams to let the excess water out, and beaver dams that can't be breached because beavers are protected. Nuts.

Linda, yeah, we would share if we could.