Thursday, June 05, 2014

How Now, Black Cow

The girls were bickering World Cup vs. Stanley Cup
I told them that this was the only cup I was concerned about

Moon is giving the boss fits. She doesn't seem to have any physical issues, such as a nicked teat or too many fly bites, but she is kicking him every time he milks her. She is a great big cow, so she nails him every time. And really hard too, not just a casual brush off. Not much fun.

She also doesn't want to come in from the barnyard to get her grain. Lots of green grass out there, why bother? Oh, well, it's always something.

Can't wait until Bama freshens. I thought I was going to be able to milk Moon and take some work off his hands. I am smaller than he is though and have to get even closer. Plus I can't reach the pipeline without a step stool back there. Nobody wants to be up on their toes on a stool while a cow is trying to kick them.

Bama on the other hand is so gentle that she likes to lick the people doing the milking and LOVES to be brushed and scratched and petted. Hopefully she will come through the transition from dry cow to milking mama okay and I can at least milk her. If all goes well, we may need to buy a couple more bob calves to use the milk.....crossing my fingers here. We have four on milk to use up what Moon makes, but they are all plenty old enough to she keeps the house and cats in milk. Not a bad cow at all, just mean for some reason.


lisa said...

It probably is a good thing you can't milk her! I agree, I would be happy with my glassware cup, the rest not so much!

Ed said...

:-) I need a cup of coffee..

Terry and Linda said...

I never could figure out why one cow could be a mean ol thing, when you do to her just what you do to the other really sweet cow. Must be like people...some are just buggers even thought they work real hard.


Cathy said...

Bama and I must be related.
"Brushed, scratched and petted."