Saturday, June 07, 2014

Playing Catch Up

*****this was written for yesterday, but it was just too hectic here to get it proofread so......

The garden  should really be all planted by now, but this is a late spring.

Thus we are doing what the title says, playing catch up. The boss and I put in fifteen tomatoes that Becky and I started way back when and TWO zucchettas this morning. That's right. Only two. Last year we planted ten, and although we made good use of them, we really couldn't eat that fact we are still eating on them.

 Speaking, of which, hey Mappy...we have one saved back for you, as promised. Plus one tomato plant for Sean. Plus more herbs than I know what to do with. What was I thinking anyhow?

We turned Cinnamon up the hill with the old cows yesterday. She was out all last summer and pretty much knows the routine.Of course she immediately came into season and was abusing the old cows terribly. We kept her for beef, so that is just another thing to deal with.....

Huge coyote hit by car at the bottom of the driveway. Alan says sixty pounds at least. I knew those tracks we've been seeing in the barnyard weren't from any little puppy.

As I was talking to our boy, who came home last night, while walking out on the long lawn, I happened to glance up....felt someone watching me...and there she was, that same old doe. The boss saw a fawn up in the field yesterday, but this old girl doesn't look as if she has one again this year...time will tell.

My other project for the day is keeping an eBird list of the birds I see today. Up to 28 species so far and a fair number of individuals. Numbers already dropping off from may though.

See ya later, alligator 

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Terry and Linda said...

GOOD! The bad old Coyote is DEAD! DEAD THEY SANG! Dead, dead, dead!!!

Oh, sorry, if I offended any of those who love that nasty predator.