Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rain Delay

Hay rake in Amish field just up the road from here
taken through the windshield

The past four days have been spent in frantic pursuit of hay...yes, even Sunday, a day normally reserved for just essential chores and Sunday chairs. AS is universal in farming, things broke and needed to be fixed, putting on the pressure to get it done quicker before the weather changed.

Which it did.

It rained last night and much more rain is predicted to really slam us tonight, so it will be a day of other activities. In fact I am not going to get mad if the boss sleeps in his chair all day. Oh, he can store the hay he put in the mow if he wants to, but no suggestions are going to come from my direction. He has been going at it pretty hard for an old dude.


Cathy said...

Love that backlit shot of the marigolds.
As for this rain . . my brother-in-law is a farmer in central Ohio . .
Said that some fellas are having trouble getting their crops planted because of all the water. What a year.

jan said...

California would pay you literally millions if you could send some of the rain here.

Terry and Linda said...

We are horribly dry here. A nice cooling shower would be....well...nice!


Ed said...

Great pics, stay dry..:-)

threecollie said...

Cathy, thanks! Becky and I grew them from seed and we are really enjoying them. Same here with the rain, just too much.

Jan, we would send it if we could. Millions would be nice side benefit. lol

Linda, sorry, so sorry, that geography is messing up the weather so badly

Ed, thanks!