Monday, June 02, 2014

Short Stories from a Valley Weekend

Some merchandise going home from the auction the boss sold at last week.
You can't see them, but there are Amish kiddies in those seats. Photo by Liz

If you could see sounds, the dawn chorus would look like a carnival...all lit up and glowing. It sure sounds like one. Picking out the threads of this call and that is a challenge worthy of Sherlock.

 Still pursuing that elusive little flycatcher that sings between the Phoebe and the Willow. Who is he? What is he? A puzzle for sure. And there is enough variation in the empidonax calls out there that there may even be TWO species besides the ones we know for sure.

The male Ruby-throated Hummingbird sleeps on a piece of baling twine on the sitting porch. Such a friendly little fellow. The carpenter bees attack him every time he comes in to feed, so he likes it when we are on the porch and they stay away a bit.

 I am grateful for the tennis racket Alan bought me as a joke back when the bat was coming in the house last winter. It makes a great bee swatter.

Speaking of the bat....I thought we had no bats left until I went out at one in the morning to see if the boy was home. (He is! He is!) Almost caught one of them on the head....him, on my head, I mean. Yowsa! That woke me up.

Asparagus for breakfast. Sauteed in butter. Either you love it or you simply don't, but if you do. WOW.

People give me strange the heart of a Romaine lettuce...I am easily pleased

A surprise gift of a bag full of goldfish for the garden pond. For joy, for joy. No present could have made me happier. ALL the water lilies....years and years and years worth...froze out last winter, as did the curly-leafed pond weed, an invasive I know, but not a problem in the stock tank I use for a pond. 

The fish add interest to the now barren waterscape. At least the wild yellow iris survived.

Gardening, gardening, gardening. Yesterday potting up herbs to sell or give away. Sweet basil assortment, parsley and marjoram. Plus some pansies, marigolds and geraniums Becky and I grew from seed. Lots more to do when I can find the time.

Daddy's girl

Flirting with Peggy is always important. She has found her hands, and alternates between staring at them in amazement and stuffing them both into her mouth at once. Does all that drooling mean a tooth on the way? I'll betcha.

Some little starlings fall out of the barn roof into Sunny's bucket. Not good for anyone concerned.

Photo by Liz

Diamond gets some time outside, as does Jack.

Diamond in the Lucy
Photo by Liz

Sunny and the cows are great buddies and commune across the fence all day. If either horse or bossies are not out the other species is not pleased.

And then the weekend is over. Our boy safely back to DC, Jade and Becky are back to work, and the boss mows the first hay of the year in the Old Spreader Field.


Cathy said...

Nope. This weekend is not over. You captured it and hold it in your heart. Rich, rich, rich.

Terry and Linda said...

Your weekend is lovely. The pressure of twice a day milking of many, many, many cows has opened up new space.

I keep telling Terry it is time for him to retire...let someone else farm. I wonder if he ever will.


jan said...

What lovely stories of your weekend. Thanks for sharing them with those of us whose weekends were pretty sucky.

threecollie said...

Cathy, this time of year is simply phenomenal! Jade saw an owl perched on the porch of the milkhouse this morning....wish it had been me who saw it. lol

Linda, we had no idea how tired we were. Simply no idea.

Jan, sorry that your weekend was sucky....