Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Days

So what's going on at Northview Farm these days , now that most of the cows are gone?

Peggy is teething and having a time of it. Poor, poor baby, this too shall pass, but we can't tell you that, can we?

Bama Breeze is getting closer to calving every day and I am getting closer to worrying. She and Moon are almost exactly the same age, but Moon looks like a million and Bama looks...old....

She didn't shed all of her winter coat, although she is shining up some, and she is just kind of off..It could be because she has been dry so long. Hopefully she will feel better soon.

Saw my cousin on Fox and Friends this morning. He is on quite often, always very cool. The family is proud of this young writer and businessman. He grew up on the same farm where I learned to love agriculture.....

Breakfast of the boss's good omelets made from eggs laid yesterday by the kids' hens. You can't beat that.

Lots and lots and lots of birds, listed here. I am using my old garden blog to keep lists of what we are seeing. Not every day and not always complete, but something of a benchmark for next year. And here is another Northview blogger. When she has time to catalog her world, she sure has a way with words. 

Our boy is working from home for a couple of weeks, on a really scary, dangerous job. I worry about that too....but it sure is nice to have those hugs. He says that he rations them so I appreciate them better. Whatever. It sure is nice to see him.

Nice to see whole family every day. Beck helps the boss and me with the barn chores twice a day. Jade does the lawn, and lends a hand when he's not working. We see Alan every day. So good to get to talk to him so often....and he keeps the varmint population within bounds.

Nothing like having the whole family here!


joated said...

With one in Portland, Oregon and another in Anaheim, California, I envy your having everyone near...for the time being.

At least my kids' location give me a reason to call, "Road trip!"

(Miss the hugs and pats on the back, however.)

jan said...

Good to get an update on everything and know that you are adjusting. Also of course we can't have too many baby pictures on the internet. Those years go so fast.

A. Montgomery said...

Another picture of Pretty Peggy. She is such a sweetheart.
Glad all are home safe. Love you.

Cathy said...

LIfe is good . . . and I can't imagine anyone having it much better than you good folks at Northview. And Pretty Peggy glows with the happiness that surrounds her.

Terry and Linda said...

Like you I'm soaking up the Grandchildren and My daughter...makes me sad to think the end of July is fast upon us.


threecollie said...

Joated, that must be have them so far away. I am grateful every day that ours all live close.

Jan, she IS growing and changing so fast.

Mom, love you too! Call if you get time, I love to talk to you

Cathy, there is always plenty of drama, but we get along pretty well. And there is nothing like early summer.

Linda, I know you are savoring every day....