Sunday, June 08, 2014

Sunday Stills...In the Air

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

This challenge was a lot of fun, and took me all week. There were bubbles discussed and I went so far as to purchase some bubble stuff, but we were just too busy to play with them.

Male Bobolink,
member of a mating frenzy for the record books...
maybe fifty pairs in one field

However, the birds were busy in the air all week and I did capture a couple of them.

Red-winged Blackbird upset about my presence in our hay field

For more Sunday Stills....

Two male Bobolinks fighting over a female.
There were as many as five for each one.


Cathy said...

I truly cannot get over your gift of bobolinks! I have to go to the center of the state to get a glimpse. And you've got that music tinkling all around you.
(Hope the boss is feeling ok today)

MTWaggin said...

Birds are always great and I think we need a bubble challenge - I want to try that too!

Terry and Linda said...

I wish we had bobolinks here! To see and hear them would be really neat!


Ed said...

Great action shots, love the blackbird and I've never heard of Bobolinks..:-)

threecollie said...

Cathy, I have never, ever seen so many. I actually hope some of them move on as we have to cut hay in that field and we don't want to disturb any nests. There were so many it was like being at a techno music concert. Delightful.

MYWaggin, that would be a good one.

Linda, they are stumpers for me in the fall, when the males molt and are as plain as the females. We get great flocks of them sometimes if we have grain crops.

Ed, thanks, I had never seen them til I moved down here...and I only lived one county to the north.