Sunday, June 01, 2014

Sunday Stills....Sunrises and Sunsets

The sun....just peeking through the fog on a fine, May morning

And four of a sunset....just as they came from the camera. This time of year is as good as it gets....and we remember for a while just why we live in Upstate NY.

For more Sunday Stills.....


Ed said...

Great shots, I like the foggy one best..:-)

Cathy said...

Beautiful pictures.
Life is good.

MTWaggin said...

The last three are gorgeous but the first one is the best and so unique!

ellie k said...

Beautiful pics. It is almost like I am there they are so real .I do miss some cow pics though maybe one or two for us.

threecollie said...

Ed, thanks! A lot of mornings like that this month

Cathy, thank you, my favorite time of year

MT, thanks, I like that one best too

ellie, I do need to go get some pics of the girls...thanks