Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Wild Side

Poultry style. The kids are building hen coops in the heifer barn and gathering up laying birds so as to sell eggs...speaking of which, we are eating the eggs they raise and they sure are good.

Anyhow, they are off to the swap this morning with a mean hen and a superfluous and bad-tempered rooster, plus a some herb plants to sell or trade.

While they were up in the old hen coop, catching the rooster, they discovered that Laura, the little banty Cochin that Teri gave us, has chickies. They were running in and out of the peacock coop, not a safe locale for babies, so Becky is out catching them to cage them safely with their mama.

Laura is an old chicken and a good, smart mama. She used to have a paramour of her own ilk named George, but varmints got him.


Cathy said...

Love these pictures. Fuzzy is always so cute.

Ed said...

Cute chicks, my folks are thinking of putting in a coop. :-)

threecollie said...

Cathy, we are loaded up with blessing these days....

Ed, with the Chinese about to start processing our chicken in their country and sending it back here, I'll bet you are going to see a lot of backyard flocks. And you cannot beat the eggs!

Terry and Linda said...

I miss my hens! Just got to be one more thing so I stopped with them after the last one died.