Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Well That was Interesting

Corner of Lusso and Borden Roads in the wake of last week's storm

Another big storm. Haven't heard yet about any damage, but everything we had in the yard took a hike, including a heavy stainless steel milk house bucket and the big barrels we use to haul water to the barn.

Started out with warning tones from the National Weather Service interrupting the boss's TV. Didn't sound good atall, atall. "Continuous cloud-to-ground lightning.....seventy-mile-per-hour wind gusts."

When I paused on the stair landing there were still a few stars glimmering in the west but that continuous cloud-to-ground was already flickering against the gathering clouds. 

Not much later both bedroom doors blasted open despite being firmly latched closed. The whistling started and the whining and the lashing rain and booming and blasting of the thunder. I should have gotten out of bed and tried for that elusive lightning shot I have been chasing for so many years, but I was sleepy.....after a while it tapered off and sleep returned, but it was a hummer of a storm.

And now, this morning, we are looking for stuff. 

Last week's big one took down a box elder tree in the barnyard. To our great hilarity all three cows take some time every morning to eat the leaves. Must be something there they want or need because it is just about bare now.

Anyhow, these photos are of the end of the road that runs behind us, Lusso Road, and Borden Road. I don't know where the water came from, but it sure cut a heck of a channel. It is no wonder the roads were all closed in that area. 

Dunno about you, but I am ready for some warm, dry weather for making hay and drying laundry. That is all.


Rev. Paul said...

I always enjoyed lightning & thunder in the Midwest, but it's best enjoyed from a distance.

Keith Wilson said...

When we were kids, didn't it seem like summers were "normal", weather-wise?
No mud slides, no scorching droughts, no tornadoes, and tornado warnings.... just afternoon thunderstorms, or all day summer rains, or sun-filled days with lazy clouds overhead.

Maybe the weather channel messed with the weather so they'd have something to talk about.

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, sometimes I like it better than others. Love it at the lake, where the cabin has been untouched for many years. Not so much here where there have been many strikes. lol

Keith, couldn't agree with you more. This is a strange weather pattern, but it has been going on her for at least ten years. We gave up on growing field corn because of it and because our land is wet. When you see all that messing with the weather that the Chinese were supposedly doing so as to have nice weather for the has to make you wonder.