Saturday, July 05, 2014

A (Mostly) Good One

Big tree down up at Jade's grandparents' place
All photos by Liz

If you have to get old, birthdays like yesterday are the way to get it done. From shopping with our boy, to fireworks viewed just by propping up my pillows and looking out the bedroom window, it was a good day.

A tree base picked up their tractor mounted snow blower

Best visit ever with the folks, laughs, and memories, and banana cake. I mean, how many people turn 62 and still have their mama bake them a fantastic, fabulous, really good cake? Becky got me a cinnamon cake too, so I had TWO birthday cakes. Talk about lucky.

Another big tree

And funny shoes that are as soft as clouds too. Al bought himself a pair of these nifty bright blue and green sneakers last week. They looked comfortable and he let me try them on. Felt really nice. Yesterday he bought me my own pair, and yeah, they feel even better when they fit.

Amish neighbor's barn
This was full of people, but they all got out ok

We didn't see much of the kids and the baby though. They were out all day and into the night cutting up trees that fell on their family's stuff. Big mess I guess. Liz was kind enough to let me share some pics she took up that way. Looks like it is going to take a while to get everything straightened up. Everyone was going to go up to help, but plans got changed a couple of times so....

Speaking of fireworks, I could see three displays at once, when I went up to bed last night, one off in Johnstown, one a bit farther west, don't know just where, but we could hear them and see them really well, and then the one at the race track, which is built on what once was the farm next door. Those blossomed right over our barn roof (giving me more than a few misgivings) and I could literally see them just by turning off the light. I am hoping the cows are still in the pasture, as I am sure they didn't appreciate all that hullabaloo right over their heads quite as much as we did. Poor girls.

That white spot is Jade's old boat


wendywoo said...

So sorry for all the wind damage, glad no one was hurt.

We can see all those fireworks also, from our front deck here in Sharon Springs. From St. Johnsville to Amsterdam. The sound lags by about a minute or so, but the finale sounded like 10 giant thunderstorms all at once. Well worth getting eaten alive by mosquitoes!

jan said...

Do you ever pretend that all the fuss and fireworks are just for you every year?

Terry and Linda said...

Thankfully today is a quiet one! Hope all is well there!


Cathy said...

Glad that tree was not near the house and it's pretty amazing that no one was seriously hurt in that barn!

And. Propped up in bed watching fireworks?
Life is good. (And Jan's question is funny :)

threecollie said...

wendywoo, thanks, it was almost the same last night, fireworks everywhere. They were especially pretty, perhaps because of the cool, clear air.

jan, Hmmm, I don't think so. I was scared of them when I was a kid. Had to be dragged kicking and screaming, much to the disgust of my brothers. Then we always had animals and had to worry about them being scared. I like watching them though. lol

Linda, we are good, hope you are doing okay too.

Cathy, it is! More fireworks last night, all up and down the valley. very clear air so they were very pretty.