Monday, July 28, 2014

Bama Update

Bama still has not calved. I am wondering if she has a bull in there....I don't think she has ever had a bull before, so I guess she is due. Not enjoying the waiting though.

She really wants to go back to pasture and tends to sleep by the barnyard gate in hopes, I guess, that someone will open it and let her go out there. It is a big pasture though, and with only three head grazing it the grass is very, very thick and tall. She is a pretty old cow and we don't want her calving out there at the mercy of the coyotes, which are, as always, plentiful.


Cathy said...

Wow. That is reeeally gravid. Hope all goes well for everyone.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

I think Bama and Jane are on the same schedule, I'm about ready to lock her up so I don't have to go so far to find her. I'm thinking bull here too.

Come on Bama, your people need you to move to the next stage.

Terry and Linda said...

NO! I am sorry she can't be out there with her friends! But coyote food neither she nor the calf need to be.

She is a beautiful girl. Give her a rub between the ears for me, please. I would do so if I were there.


NumberWise said...

Poor Bama! I guess those last days before birth are as difficult for cows as they are for us. She sure looks nice in the photos.

lisa said...

She looks like any day is the day!

threecollie said...

Cathy, part of that is that she is a big, deep bodied cow on short legs. Makes it all look like more.

Nita, drive you nuts don't they? Maybe today....

Linda, actually Neon Moon is in with her and Cinnamon is in the barn until after the event, because she bullies the old girl. She just wants to go hide and have that babay, and thanks to the yotes we don't dare let her.

NW, thanks, she is really blooming in late pregnancy. Now if she will only come through okay. She is a bit on the fat side and has been dry a very long time.

Lisa, maybe today!