Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Garden Gathering

Monday rain

After a morning flurry of writing, bookkeeping, housework and similar routine, I ventured out to the lower garden to pick some stuff for salad for supper yesterday

Tuesday clearing

Um, yeah, the beans are ripe. Romano beans, yellow beans, burgundy beans. There are a lot of them.

Guess we will be working on filling the freezer for winter, if it dries off enough to pick. 

After evidently being blown down by the wind, the squash is once again upright
First little crookneck picked for last night's salad

Bama is still keeping us waiting, although a check a few minutes ago revealed a certain pensive look, and restless shifting that may augur something.....maybe....she is sure bagged up nice and doesn't look bad for an older cow.

Meanwhile, the turkeys are growing pretty well, the laying pullets look quite nice, the chicks and poults down in the brooder are getting feathers, the red-tailed hawks up in the heifer woods are up to something...they scream and skirl all day. 

Miss Peggy picking out a piggy on her farm girl blankie

And the indigo bunting is singing..all day too..and even after dark...up on the wire by the northwest corner of the house.

Just another Paradise.


Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Paradise, indeed, with so many beauties freely given! Although it takes a lot of work to make it so peaceful and productive. I love to read your chronicles of this good life.

Anonymous said...

You need a pair of rabbits and you would have a supply of meat. One pair can supply two people with all the meat they want and tame rabbit is such good meat.

Cathy said...

Awwwwww . . . . 'picking out a piggy' . . .
So weet.

That and an indigo bunting crying wolf about fire hazards that can't exist at Northview given this soggy summer.