Thursday, July 10, 2014


This is sure a noisy place. In the backyard a crow is honking like a cranky commuter in heavy traffic. On the front porch the Carolina Wren is tea-kettling all over the place, so loud it echoes out here in the kitchen. (I am wondering what is up with that. Are they going to use the little bird house there?they keep coming in to check out the back porch hard hat too.)

The mysterious house finches are queuing up on the new arbor, demanding vociferously that I hie myself out there and fill the bright yellow feeder.

And a fine assortment of other feather fussers is fidgeting around making a lot of noise.

C'mon guys, I'm trying to write here. I mean, two Farm Sides in one week....geez Louise. I'd much rather grab the camera and come outside and play, but this is a work week ya know.


NumberWise said...

This makes me smile. I can just imagine what a distraction all those birds are for you!

threecollie said...

NW, they are. The camera and i run outdoors many times each day. lol If you feel well, come see us at camp.

Terry and Linda said...

So far...just for the moment my internet is working. Sure is horrible not getting to visit with my friends! Skybeam says it is their tower...well, I hope they get the tower fixed soon!