Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Red Sky at Morning

With wood thrushes singing up in the old horse pasture. Birding is slowing down as fast as the days are shortening, and it is so humid you could wring out the air like a sponge, I swear. Word is that a strong cold front will be coming through later, with attendant winds and storms. Yay. Perfect hay weather....or maybe not....

Writing two Farm Sides this week, as we will be away next week, so I got up at quarter to five for some quiet time without interruptions. The sun was not up yet! Yep, the days are already getting noticeably shorter.

Got one column done, down to the final proofread and I have a couple of others at least started.

Here are  research links I thought were interesting.


State Invasive Hit List

Meanwhile, has anyone seen the camp list, which WAS in my wallet, but no longer is?


lisa said...

That is what I did yesterday, had to make a new list for camp!

Rev. Paul said...

Beautiful pics, as usual.

I know what you mean by shorter days: our sunset is before midnight, now. Dang it!


Terry and Linda said...

I notice it also. Used to be the birds started singing at 4:50 am, now it's 5:15 sad really.


Cathy said...

OK. That's enough about the days getting shorter! And that article on velvet leaf is interesting. I've seen that and wondered what it was.

threecollie said...

Lisa, I KNOW I am going to forget a lot of stuff this year...

Rev. Paul, thanks, I love high summer, but I hate knowing what is to come.

Linda, yeah, it is not cheerful

Cathy, sorry,....I found the velvetleaf business really interesting too. I have always known it as an annoying weed, but had no idea that it was a fiber crop. I learn a lot researching the Farm Side

Cathy said...

So weird about being here on the east coast. Being on the edge of the eastern time zone. . . the days are disturbingly short because the sun comes up early and sets at least an hour earlier. I'm trying not to notice . . . . :)

threecollie said...

Cathy, I am at least still enjoying peach sunrises. I sleep in a room on a long hallway with a window at the end, due east. When the sky is right the whole hall is bathed in gorgeous peach each dawn...in spring and summer...come winter, it's just cold out there and I can't hurry through fast enough.