Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Sultry sunrise

I forced myself, as I trudged in from the barn last night, to remember winter. What would we have given for just one tenth of this heat last January? For even a couple of hours of truly being warm enough?

Seemed as if we were cold for months

It is good to be effortlessly warm.

 You have to take action when it gets this way though.

Lots of fans running, lots of ice pops chilling out in the big freezer. 

Alas, lots of misery for poor Miss Peggy, who does not understand and can't regulate her body temperature quite as well as we can.....

But after all, it's summer. 

Summer is meant to be HHH.

Second best season of the year.

And last night was purely spectacular. A sharp little storm jumped up, with strong winds, a few flashes of lightning, and about a dozen drops of rain. 

Dashing double rainbows at the end.

If we don't get a lot of rain today maybe the boss can get the hay he has down. I sure hope so. 


lisa said...

The rainbow was spectacular here also! We had a wonderful sunset,too.

Terry and Linda said...

I keep reminding myself about January, February and you the heat is intense!


Anonymous said...

Yes . .This year it's easy to remember that brutal winter . . it left marks. Still . . . we're just human.
Heat and humidity. You can only take off so many clothes in public :)

Cathy said...

Hmmm . . . It's Cathy . . . I don't know why that came up "anonymous'.

threecollie said...

Lisa, did you see the sunset last night? Did you get pics? I hears it was amazing and I missed it, dagnabbit.

Linda, yes, we have to take time to appreciate summer even when it hands us lemons.

Cathy, by any other name. I read the comment from anonymous and thought, before I saw your comment below, I don't know who anonymous is, but I know I am going to like them. lol And sure enough, I do.

Cathy said...