Sunday, July 06, 2014

Upper Garden Done

Becky and I finished it today. Everything is planted, except possibly some pumpkins or gourds in some new ground. (Dear friend, Numberwise, we kept you in mind as we filled the rows. Extra pretty much everything if it grows, which is always an issue, especially in a wet year like this.)

A sad day for us though.....

After two weeks of having our boy living at home and working just a few miles away, he is back in our nation's capital, far away from hearth and home....or heart and home, as it should be. It was nice while it lasted, although I wasn't crazy about the job he was on...right out in the middle of that mean old snake of a river that runs past the place. They don't call it the Mighty Mohawk for nothing. My dear  brother is still there for a while...hey, Mappy, watch your step out there! With all this rain it is extra high and mighty.

This morning brought adventures in guinea hen chasing. Liz had them in a coop with a broody hen, sitting on turkey, guinea, and hen eggs. Suddenly they decided that beating her up and breaking the eggs was the thing to do.

So we had a capture committee meeting and put them in the same house as the peahen, although not in her coop. They had better behave!

The boss is baling some hay, not the best as it has been rained on a bit, but I have never seen a year where we weren't grateful for every bale we put up. I am sure not looking forward to unloading it, but it's got to go in. Gonna rain again tomorrow.


Cathy said...

And a great piece of your heart goes with him. I try to remind myself how lucky we are compared to our ancestors, who when they waved goodbye to a son or daughter as they migrated west . . . knew that they'd probably never see them again. Funny, though . . it doesn't always help.

lisa said...

It sure has been nice having Matt home every night, I will miss him when he has to be gone all week! Glad to hear you have the garden all done. Ours is doing pretty good, now we worry about keeping up with the weeds!

Terry and Linda said...

Fowl can be so mean sometimes...cruel even...


threecollie said...

Cathy, it is so hard when he goes. The drive is terrible, the distance miserable.

Lisa, I'll bet! Guess I will put a bit more in the ground if I get a chance, but at least the bulk of it is planted. Big load off my mind. I want to put up as much as we can so we aren't forced to eat Chinese garbage all winter.

Linda, they really are!