Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Where's my Coffee?

I have drunk Taster's Choice since the year it came out. Other coffees have come and gone....sometimes somebody comes along who makes good perked coffee and I will enjoy a cup. Sometimes we get high octane from a convenience store or fast food place to ramp up the energy level for extra-busy days.

However, I always return to my old stand-by.

And suddenly, we can't find it anywhere. The boss went to several stores yesterday...same story everywhere, "Back ordered,"  "Warehouse is out..."

What the hey?

How am I going to do camp without that perfect cup in the morning, out on the porch with fishing pole, camera, binoculars and writing implement? (A pen opposed to a word processor....but there are always stories to tell.)

Say it ain't so.

I'll bet the Chinese bought it.


joated said...

Oh noes! The horror of it all!

I prefer Folgers' dark roast myself, but have--at times--been in the same situation. When that occurs it becomes any port (or pot) in a storm.

Paintsmh said...

At least your daughter makes good perked coffee, just sayin' :)

ellie k said...

Email the company, they will tell you where to buy it or sometimes even send you some samples if you tell them how much you like it and really want some or even asks if you can buy direct from them. Usually companies will be happy to make you happy.

jan said...

I know the feeling. I don't have many brand loyalties, but I come unhinged when one of them isn't available or is discontinued.

Terry and Linda said...

I so understand......I hate it when what I love is discontinued!


Ruth said...

I'm spoiled, we order all our coffee as whole bean from a company in WI......and even bought a stove top peculator for those rare mornings when there's no power so we can still have OUR coffee!

Cathy said...

Awwww . .. Keith and I lived on Taster's Choice until we gave in to the gimmickry of those one cup coffee makers.

threecollie said...

Joated, Folger's instant is my emergency coffee. I have a jar in the freezer for desperate times. But we call it "Soldiers in your cup." A little too robust for me. lol

Liz, yes, that has been helpful.

Ellie, I did that, thanks for the idea. So far they have sent me a generic reply, but maybe they will find a store.

Jan, same here, there are only a few brands that I stick with year in and year out. Generic usually is fine with me....but coffee....you can't mess with coffee. lol

Linda, I don't know what is up with the coffee. It is really popular so sometimes one store or another will get short, but this is ridiculous.