Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fonda Fair Pony Classes

Photos by Becky, shamelessly stolen from Facebook
Jack and Jade were so cute! Jack has never been to a show before, but they managed to come in fifth. Couldn't see too great on cell phone video, but it appeared that they had to cross a little bridge, back some poles, weave some cones, jump some cross poles, trot some cavaletti, and then run through a sort of tunnel of pool noodles or some other brightly colored tube thingies.

Jack was kind of slow on the backing up, but did great until he got to the cavaletti. He jumped the cross poles brilliantly and then did a perfect capriole over the cavaletti and onto Jade.

I don't think that is exactly what the course designers had in mind, but it was good for some laughs. Jade said if he hadn't woven the cones backwards they would have placed higher. They certainly jumped higher.

Diamond and Liz did well too, with a third in halter, and second in the trail class. Diamond too was a bit slow to back up, but really showed her stuff on the other obstacles. Good job!

Beck is trying to send me videos she took but we may have to wait until tonight to use a cable instead of quirky cell phones and questionable emails.


NumberWise said...

I love seeing the fair through your eyes! You see and appreciate things that I somehow always missed. Those two ponies did well.

threecollie said...

NW, thanks. It seems as if it is a really good fair this year. I may go over again...