Friday, August 29, 2014

It's in the Blood

The love of the outdoors that is. It is cold here this morning, at least for summer, but I keep the door open just the same. Got to catch all the sunlight, fresh air, bird song and tame turkey chatter that I can.

Tiny Peggy is the same way. She has been at the fair all week with her folks, and thus outdoors most of the time. Yesterday they lingered home a bit, as there was a big horse show going on over at the fair and they didn't want to try to do their stall chores in the middle of the uproar.

She had a fussy tummy and was a little bit cranky from being over tired. However, every time her mommy took her outside for even a minute the tears stopped and she was happy as a was kind of funny. Going through the kitchen door in either direction was like tripping a crying switch...inside holler, outside giggle.


In just the three or four days that she has not been here all the time she has gone from much enjoying her hands as chew toys and blanket holders to reaching out for people and things and purposefully reaching up to touch her own face and such. What a fascinating journey it is, watching a baby learn and grow.

I wonder how long it will be before she is running through clouds of puddling butterflies like these that were all over the walk way to the barn the other day.


Cathy said...

" . . a fascinating journey . ."
Yes, Marianne.
And you record and share it so beautifully.

(And that head-on shot of the butterfly: Oh yeah! Get down and dirty. It's so worth it :)

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Gorgeous little Peggy!

Thanks for sharing :)

jan said...

Enjoy every moment of her babyhood. It seems like it lasts such a short time...

Uta said...

We seem to have more time watching what our Grandchildren do than when we had our own children, enjoy little Peggy. Mine have all moved away thousands of miles.

threecollie said...

Cathy, it is! And thanks. I actually only bent over and stuck the camera out for the butterfly. Kind of a gamble, but I took a lot and got a few that were okay. lol

Nita, she is a pip! And we sure do love her

Jan, I am doing me best to do so. She is like a little sunshine living right here in the house...although she has her cranky days too. lol

Uta, that must be so hard for you. Although it is hectic I am never happier than when the whole crew is nearby. Our son is back in our area code for the weekend and it is really nice.