Sunday, August 03, 2014

Let's Have some Fun


Rev. Paul said...

That doggy is definitely having a good time!

Cathy said...

Great pixies! Great pup!
What's the little yellow flower?

Terry and Linda said...

I can just imagine the shines through your photos!


ellie k said...

She, is a really pretty dog her tail looks so fine it looks like feathers.

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, she is such a happy girl!

Cathy, thanks, she is a nice doggy. The glower is bird's foot trefoil. It is a nice plant to raise for hay, mixed with grasses and other legumes. Doesn't mind wet feet, and although expensive to plant, a stand lasts a long time. It is a volunteer in our lawn, but I love it. I will try to get some close up pics of how pretty the little flowers are.

Linda, she sure was having fun!

ellis, it does, doesn't it? Thanks for your kind words. She is a sweetie.