Thursday, August 14, 2014


He was my magical first horse. I rode him everywhere....the kids still moan when we pass down some distant back road and I say, "I used to ride Magnum here."

He came to me as a two-year-old and stayed until he was over thirty. I can still recreate him in my mind, from his one white hoof to the whorls in his hair. We were pretty good say the least.

Yesterday he was brought back to me....literally.

A dear Internet friend in a distant state conspired with Liz to recreate him as a merry-go-round horse and sent him to me as a complete surprise.

I got cold chills as I opened the box.

Isn't he beautiful!

Amazing.........and thank you.....


Cathy said...

You transmitted those chills all the way over here.
Beautiful in so many ways.

A. Montgomery said...

How wonderful! And how nice to have such creative and wonderful internet friends!
Love, Mom

Terry and Linda said...

A day of poetry! I almost cried I was so happy for you!


threecollie said...

CAthy, it was just the sweetest be thought of in that way, to have someone care enough to make me such a treasure. People are so good to me....

Mom, It made my day in so many ways. Love you too!

Linda, same here, and the cold chills were so real. The friend who made it for me and I are like sisters separated at birth. The parallels in our lives are so amazing, from liking the same songs, doing the same things, owning the same books, that it is almost eerie. But fun!