Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cotton Candy Clouds

When the baby guinea fowl tuned up late yesterday evening I went right out to check. I pay attention to the alarm calls of the poultry, as they notice hawks and coyotes and other creatures detrimental to their health.

I have no idea what was upsetting them, as they quieted down as soon as I went outdoors...I am thinking maybe there was a skunk, as there is a suspicious odor emanating from under Liz's old pick up truck.

However, thanks to them calling me outdoors, I got to see this wonderful sunset. 

And a big brown bat, all by itself, very high in the sky, fluttering silently south.

It was nice. 


Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad your critters called you out to witness this sunset so you could share it with us. Hope all those critters made it safely through the night.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...
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Terry and Linda said...

Oh! Beautiful! I love the sky and the clouds and I love the color you have there!


Cathy said...



lisa said...

It was a wonderful sunset. I happened to be running the whole day with Matt and didn't have my camera. I had my phone but the battery was dead. Then I used Matt's and realized that it was on his phone and not as easy to access as if it was on mine. But I am glad to see that I had nothing to worry about. You captured it just perfect.

threecollie said...

Jacqueline...I was so glad that I listened. Beauty in the sky is so ephemeral. So many times I run for the camera to catch a bit of sunrise or sunset...and just miss it. The guineas were fine the next AM, but I worry about them. So many varmints, so much temptation.

Linda, thank you. It was stunning!

Cathy, thanks

Lisa, Thanks, I also got a blurry shot of a plane, which will do for Sunday Stills if nothing else comes along. lol