Monday, September 29, 2014

Going, Going, not Quite Gone

Neon Moon, dam of the Morty bull calf
and full sister to the dam of the big heifer

Shipped six animals yesterday. Three steers, two bulls, and a big heifer. 

If anyone is looking for a really well bred Holstein heifer for auction barn prices, she will be up at Hoskings Sales today. She is a Stouder Morty out of a Fustead Emory Blitz. Heifer is not bred, because she was in a pen alone.....and she has if you buy her you can breed her the way you want her.

If you do happen to buy her we can provide breeding records so she can be registered. Her mother was a really nice cow, which Liz showed for years and years.See pics of mother below......

Dam of the big white Morty heifer we are selling today.
This cow was sired by Blitz, so we called her that even though her name was Mendocino

Blitz Mendocino's udder as a five-year-old cow

One of the bulls shares the exact same pedigree, which is why we never steered him. He is out of the Blitz full sister of the dam of the heifer

She is the big white one with the horns. He is kind of half and half. We told the trucker which one he is so you can find him if you want him.......

We raised these guys since we sold the cows, hoping they will help with our tax here's hoping. 


ellie k said...

Did you sell the bull that chased the boss? I hope the sale of these cattle pay the taxes and a little surplus. Cattle prices are so high here in Florida right now, people are selling bred heifers instead of keeping them.

Terry and Linda said...

Fingers crossed that there is tax money and more!!!


threecollie said...

ellie, actually we kept him. After this we will treat him with more respect, but he can't be sold because he has been treated with antibiotics.....

Linda, thanks, if we get enough to pay the taxes on one of the places i will be satisfied....more would surely be welcome though.